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Create a tech plan

Do you need to improve how your organization uses technology? Not sure how to start? Andy Wolber will lead you through the following process. The process will result in your organization having a very useful technology plan, prepared with an experienced nonprofit technology leader.

Step 1 / Week 1
Identify Issues (Web meeting; up to 1 hour) then gather information

We’ll set up a shared online workspace where we can share information related to your organization’s technology.  You’ll need to spend time gathering information in advance of our discussion meeting, but we’ll talk through a key list of information needed. Follow this link for a list of helpful information to gather in advance of a planning conversation. If you currently are working with a tech person, this is the time to involve them in the process!

Step 2 / Week 2
Discuss (Web meeting, with all key participants in the project encouraged to attend; up to 2 hours)

We’ll then meet to identify the critical technology issues facing your organization.  This is the time to really explore your needs: I encourage you to involve a mix of staff, board members, clients and volunteers on the call, as you deem appropriate.

Step 3 / Week 3
Research and Recommend (up to 5 hours);
Review Written Recommendations (Web meeting; up to 1 hour)

I’ll spend up to 5 hours researching and writing up recommendations for your organization, then we’ll spend up to an hour reviewing those recommendations. Typically, the recommendations with consist of 5-8 technology projects that your organization should consider completing, with general estimates of both time and cost provided for each step.  (View a sample of typical recommendations here.)

Step 4 / Week 9
Check In (Web meeting; up to 1 hour)

We’ll have another conversation 6 weeks after reviewing the recommendations. This is our time to check-in on progress, and your chance to ask any additional questions.

Specific deliverables / outcomes:
1. Written recommendations, with estimated costs and related resources, in priority order.
2. Three web meetings totaling up to 4 hours to discuss and review.
3. Organization will have an understanding of the scale and scope of key technology projects and practices needed.

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