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Need tech advice or help? I’m happy to help your organization:

1. Create a technology plan

We’ll discuss your organization’s needs, look at your current systems, then develop a plan to improve things. The simple process I use is detailed here, along with my list of helpful information we’ll gather during the process.

2. Transition to Google Apps

Google Apps gives you and your team secure access to email, shared calendars and documents anywhere. For nonprofit organizations and small businesses, Google Apps improves collaboration while minimizing costs. I’ll help you through the technical part of moving to Google Apps, while also providing training and advice to help smooth cultural adoption challenges.

3. Leverage the power of collaborative online tools

I’ve helped hundreds of people work more efficiently by using online tools. I can help your organization select and adopt the right tools for your needs. I’ll help you choose the right social media platform, online meeting tool, or data gathering system for your organization.

Fees: I charge $75/hour.

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