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Nonprofit search: Find useful nonprofit-related information quickly

Try this:

1. Go to
2. Type a nonprofit search terms in the box, e.g., “CRM” or “governance”or “grant writing”.
3. Type a space after your search, then enter the slashtag: /awolber/nonprofits101
4. Press the search button.

Why Do This?

Nonprofit Management 101: A Complete and Practical Guide for Leaders and Professionals, edited by Darian R. Heyman, is the best comprehensive guide to the field of nonprofit management practice today.  Go buy it. Now.

The book’s website, provides links to all the sites and resources mentioned in the book. But it is an old-fashioned printable list. lets users restrict a search to a specific list of websites using what they call “slashtags.”  This type of search can be useful when looking for information in a specific domain of knowledge, such as nonprofit management.

After reading the book, I thought it would be handy to be able to dynamically search all of the author-recommended sites. You’re more likely to find useful, reliable nonprofit-related information this way, since the authors presumably trust and like the sites they mention.

Using the slashtag “/awolber/nonprofits101” restricts your search to websites listed in the book. (I only wish I could easily extend this search to the contents of the books mentioned!)  You can also add another slashtag, “/date” to show the most recent items first. The default list is sorted by the search engine’s ranking of relevance.

Try it!  Let me know if the search results get you to the nonprofit related information you need more quickly than other search tools.

Use Blekko slashtags for your cause or topic area

If your agency has a “resources” page with links to other websites, think about setting up your own Blekko slashtag to let your visitors search the content of those sites.

For example, if your agency focuses on helping people with autism, you might create a Blekko slashtag to search sites with reliable information about autism. Visitors could be assured the results from the slashtag search are from sites your organization trusts.

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