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Tech Recommendations: 2010

As 2010 winds down, I thought I’d share the tech recommendations I most often give to nonprofit organizations w/fewer than 10 users. What recommendations or changes you advise?Items suitable for Tweeting, just for fun.
[Note: many of these resources and links are obsolete or no longer recommended. –Andy, 2017]
  1. Get the fastest Internet connection you can afford. In recommended order: business class Ethernetcable (Docsis 3.0 modem), or DSL. #nptech
  2. Use wired connections where possible: a gigabit switch & cabling (Cat 5e or 6). Replacedesktops every 5 years, laptops every 3. #nptech
  3. Get a WiFi router with gigabit Ethernet, 802.11n & guest networks. Update router firmware. Configure w/WPA2 & OpenDNS for security. #nptech
  4. OS: Windows XP SP3 or 7 Pro. If Vista, upgrade to Windows 7 Pro from TechSoup.orgor Macs: OS X 10.5 or newer. #nptech
  5. Install all OS updates. Update other software w/Secunia online software inspector. UseMicrosoft Security Essentials anti-virus. #nptech
  6. Windows Firewall: on. Remove unused software. Install Chrome browser as default.CCleaner to clean file system & repair registry. #nptech
  7. Use Defraggler to reduce file fragmentation. Backup computers w/ Set up Facebook PageTwitter; manage w/HootSuite. #nptech
  8. Get for free hosting w/ & register your own domain name there ($10/year). Use Google Apps Education Edition for email. #nptech
  9. Backup social media & email w/Backupify. Install LogMeIn on desktops for remote access. Use for free 10-person web mtgs. #nptech
  10. Other tools: Salesforce-database, WordPress-website (at Dreamhost), sharing, Google Checkout or Paypal– donations. #nptech

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